Email Confirmation

Thank you for your interest in Latta Park!

Because of the large volume of inquiries through the Latta Park website, we may not be able to reply right away. Also while we will try to personally respond to questions there are a few we see often. Here are the top questions and answers. You can also reference our FAQ section on the website.

1) Who is the grocer?
2) How can I purchase a townhome?
3) How do I get on the list for the affordable townhome rentals?

Please note that we are still in the planning/permitting stages and do not plan to start any construction until early 2023. We hope to be able to answer both of these questions definitively by this Summer.

Here are the best answers we can provide to the above questions at this time:

1) There is no binding grocer commitment yet—but it will not be Food Lion or Harris Teeter, and will be an upscale brand that will add variety to the currently available consumer choices. We expect the grocer to open in 2024.

2) We have interviewed several builders and have selected the one that we feel is best-suited to deliver quality and value. The builder is currently in a due diligence process. We hope to announce who it is by mid-year, both on our website and with signage on site. The first townhomes should be complete in 2024.

3) 5% (10) of the townhome units will be rent-controlled to serve families with income of 60% or less of the area median income. Those units will be complete/available starting in 2024. The leasing process will be overseen by the Durham Community Development department or leased by a local housing non-profit (TBD). It will be late 2023 before any leasing begins or any waitlist is created.

Thanks for your interest, and your patience.